To watch the lovers

To watch the lovers

To watch the lovers, the Casio G-Shocks on battery have a massive appeal and are digital watches that are worth using.

There is an interesting story about Casio G-shock. In 1981, Casio hired a young 28-year-old engineer, Kikuo Ibe. He received a mechanical watch from his father before graduation. One day, the clock broke when he called one of his colleagues. From then on, he decided to create shockproof watches. Its experimental site was the three-story Casio office building that was 10 meters high at that time. He released the clock from the window of Casio’s office block every day until he created a box that was robust enough to withstand the 10-meter impact. Since the first Casio G-shock watch came out, the G-shock have created their own popular culture around the world. Who are the users of Casio G-shock? You will see that the armed forces, hip-hop stars, scientists and fashion followers use them.

People did not pay much attention to shockproof watches before the Casio G-Shocks appeared. Fortunately, armed forces around the world quickly adopt durable Casio G-Shocks. This is not only because they are the toughest watches in the world, but they offer users a superlatively accurate time. Rubber straps and covers are perfect for long walks.

Casio G-Shocks has been one of the leaders of the watch industry with regard to innovative functionality. The clocks are equipped with compasses, calculators, thermometers and GPS systems. These models are favored by technology geeks around the world. Currently, traditional G-Shock models are even made of carbon fibers that become the favorites of scientists.

Hip-hop communities make the history of the G-Shocks different. These latest watches are so popular among hip-hop stars that they all run out before stores can take stock into account. They look great and colorful, and offer better unique styles of hip-hop stars.

Except for skaters and rappers, most male fashion fans love to wear G-shock. And some have at least one colorful Casio in their watch collections. You can see many fashionable men who wear G-shock watches in Asian and Western countries. In fact, in some retail stores in Tokyo, G-Shocks are sold along with luxury watches such as Audemars Piguet and Tissot. Although the prices of G-shock watches are much lower than those of Audemars Piguet, prices have recently increased.

In addition, some models are made of katana metal that is used to make samurai swords, which are sold around $ 5000 in the Japanese market. If you think nobody would pay for a Casio watch at such a high price, you would be completely wrong. The G-Shocks sold out immediately after being delivered.


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