Three Classic Casio Watches

Three Classic Casio Watches

Casio has been making watches since before you were born. And the watches they made before you were born are still retro and great.

Below are 3 of my favorite classic Casio watches.

1. Casio AL-180 without battery.

This watch has to be one of the best watches I’ve seen. It is so vintage but so advanced. The battery-free design is what most people would consider “extremely green,” and the fact that it requires sunlight to charge it makes it even cooler.

I have had this watch for some years and it has not given me a single day of trouble. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an elegant, green and timeless watch.

Features include: tell time and date, alarm clock, stopwatch and 12h / 24h functionality. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have a light, unfortunately you don’t have it. After all, he needs to use his power sparingly.

2. Casio GA-110HT-2A resin

I love a watch that does more than tell time. Like the Casio without previous battery, it is charged with light and that excites me.

However, this resin Casio doesn’t do much more than work incredibly well as a watch. It is simple, water resistant to 50 m, has a light, looks beautiful, has a stopwatch and an alarm. I guess there isn’t much else you could wish for.

When I wear mine I receive compliments for days. It lives up to my favorite watches. If you are considering buying it, buy it. You will not look back.

3. Casio G-Shock bank

I feel that I speak on behalf of the always classic lover of G-Shock watchs in Pakistan: calculator watches are the grandparents of the classic Casio. These incredibly cool watches have captivated me for years. When I was young I dreamed of having one, but my parents felt it would make me lazy mathematically.

Then I entered a Walmart in Mexico and boom, she was there, waiting and wanting to be bought. Then I bought it. And what a moment that changed the game was a moment I will never forget.

This watch has some amazing functions: it indicates the time and date, it has a stopwatch, it has an alarm, it has a dual time and most importantly, it has a calculator. Is the perfection!

Check it out. The criticisms will be enthusiastic, except for the strange human who groans saying he has no light. As if we spend our lives in the dark, some people are rare.

Casio Watch Repairs

Regardless of the quality of any watch, there will undoubtedly come a time when your watch requires a repair of some nature. With any quartz watch, for example, at some point you will need a battery replacement, while with a mechanical watch, regular service is necessary to maintain accurate timing.

Casio watches are no different. Casio watches use Japanese quartz movements in digital, analog or a combination of both. While some Casio watches use Casio Tough Solar technology, the rest will require occasional battery replacement. An analog Casio watch battery will generally last between 2 and 5 years and digital clocks can last from 2 to 10 years, depending on the type of battery and the number of functions that the watch can perform. Some Casio watches contain a movement that will last 10 years with a good quality lithium battery before the battery needs to be replaced. It is also worth noting that some advanced functions of Casio watches require more than one battery.

When your Casio battery needs to be replaced, it is very possible that your waterproof watch requires the replacement of your seals. If water resistance is needed, a post-battery test will be required to ensure that the watch is tight to its original depth. Without this, your watch may leak when subjected to water. If water enters your watch, it can cause irreparable damage to the movement.

As with any other electronic or mechanical device, it is also possible that one day a component of your watch will wear out. As with a light bulb, some electronic part of your quartz movement may stop working one day without apparent cause. Mechanical watch parts can wear out just like in a car and will require replacement in order to function properly again.

In this case, a movement service will be required. In the event that a movement service is not profitable, a movement replacement can be cheaper. A movement replacement is what it sounds like: all watch movement is replaced with a new movement and battery. Due to the enormous amount of work involved in a quality movement service performed by a competent technician, a service is often more expensive than a movement replacement. However, this depends on the clock, and occasionally the original movements are no longer available by the manufacturer, therefore, a service becomes the only option.

In addition to the timing function of your Casio watch and due to the multifunctional nature of many Casio watches, a different movement function may occasionally develop a defect. Again, in this case, a movement replacement is often needed.

In addition to these types of repairs, many parts repairs are sometimes necessary. It is necessary to replace the straps, repair the bracelets, repair the snaps, replace the buttons / crowns and stems, and broken or scratched glasses may need replacement. In the case of a glass watch or crown and stem replacement, it is also necessary to consider a water resistance test again since these parts are an integral part of the case and normally use some type of water-resistant joint.

You also need to decide where to repair your Casio watch. The Casio service center can, of course, carry out the vast majority of repairs, however, many local watch repairers are very competent. Any repairman with a Casio agency can order genuine Casio parts if necessary and the more experienced local watch repairman can also perform repairs that may not be cost effective to return to Casio. It can also be cheaper and usually much faster to repair your watch locally. Just be sure to use a known and established repairman with a good reputation. Also try to make sure that your repairman is a permanent element in your city and is not likely to disappear. Many experienced local watch repairers will guarantee their work, which, of course, is only beneficial if the store has not stopped trading. Ensure that a good quality battery is used when necessary, since a poor or improper battery will last only a fraction of the time that a good quality battery will last and even worse, it may leak and the acid content may damage your movement. Again, a quality watch repairman will normally guarantee the battery for a minimum of one year.

necessary, including genuine straps and bracelets. Water resistance tests can also be performed and guaranteed. Many repairs to Casio watches can be carried out within a day at the branch. Visit your local branch and talk to experienced and helpful staff about any questions you may have.

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