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Digital or Analog – which watch is better?

People wear wrist watches for a multitude of reasons. Some people wear wrist watches for convenience others maybe for some personal preferences. Some watches are preferable due to some distinct features in their designs.

While the features vary Irrespective of the watch that people wear, it is often classified into two main designs – analog or digital.

Following this classification, it is easier to understand the actual designs, watch components, and movements (machinery that runs the watch) available in a digital or analog watch. Since you know the type of watches then it is easier to make a good decision while buying a watch.

As people have different preferences about the watches then they may or may not consider the fashion side of the watch.

In this blog, we will make your decision-making easier than ever.

Why choose an analog watch?

In mechanical terms, an analog timepiece uses a movement or mechanism underneath the dial to tell the time. These mechanical structures drive the needles or watch hands on the dial. On the contrary, a digital watch uses electronic chips and circuits underneath the LED or a liquid crystal display which shows us time.

With a minimal style, an analog watch will display time for twelve hours as we can see on the dial. This includes a small hour hand or a big minute hand or needles of the display.

There are 99% chances that you find a second hand with some analog timepieces. There will be sixty marks around the dial or on the bezel (outer rim of the dial) showing the sixty minutes in an hour for most of the analog timepieces. While digital timepieces often come with some extra features, analog watches also sport some upgraded functions.

Analog watches are highly traditional as compared to digital ones. In fact, analog watches can be found in a variety of prices and styles. For folks who love classic accessories, an analog watch may be the best choice. Analog watches are best for events that need a formal appearance or a dres’s code.

Indeed, an analog watch is a finer accessory to sport on a formal event. With the right combination of a tie or a tuxedo and a nice-looking watch, you sure will be the charmer.

Here is the analog Casio watch which I put on occasionally.


casio analog MTP-VT01G-1B2

Advantages of analog watch:

• Analog watches have a certain presence that makes you look gentler.
• An analog watch adds to the charm of your personality.
• Analog watches are made for all kinds of occasions.
• Analog timepieces are highly durable and tough than digital watches due to their housing and materials.
• Analog watches come with greater design and style variety than digital timepieces.
• You can keep multiple watches with different color dials, and they all have a personality of their own.

Disadvantages of analog watch:

• Analog watches hold higher economic value than digital ones.
• Certain old analog watches are not readable in the darkness.
• Darkness renders your watch useless.
• Some Analog watches do not have stopwatches or calendars which are easily available in a digital watch.
• Time precision may be a problem for analog timepieces.
• Analog watches are a little expensive than digital.

Why choose a digital watch?

Digital obviously means something shown in digits or numbers. Contrary to digital, analog implies a continuous quantity. With digital watches, you will find the time in minutes, hours seconds and sometimes milliseconds on electronic displays. Certain digital sports watches like Casio G-shock also show seconds in a well-tracked display.

One thing that is very good about digital watches that they have some amazing features. These include but are not limited to Calendar, alarms, stopwatch calculators, GPS and other outdoorsy functions which appear in Casio ProTrek series digital watches. Digital watches can be designed to attract low and pricy segments with lots of upgraded functions.

Here is a digital Casio watch that I sport almost every day.



These Casio digital watches are very economical and easy to use. They are available at Ecasiocenter from PKR 3500 to 150,000 depending on their features.

The precision of a digital watch does have its use, especially when you are an athlete, sports enthusiast or simply an outdoorsy person. There is a reason why you do not see mountain climbers or carpenters wearing their analog watches while they are at work.

Advantages of a digital watch:

• Digital watches are cheaper than analog.
• There is more toughness in the structure and design of a digital watch.
• Digital timepieces can be powered by solar energy alone while some are hybrid.
• Athletes can benefit most from wearing a digital watch.
• Digital watches are designed with extra features such as alarm, stopwatch, calendars and so on
• Digital watches offer complex information in the likes of milliseconds and compass.

Disadvantages of a Digital watch:

• Cheap Digital watches are less resistant and fancy due to the plastic materials used in their making.
• There can be a breakdown in their functions if they are exposed to heat or bad quality batteries since they operate with electronic systems.
• Digital watches often have small target customers. These watches are often used by men between 10 – 40 years of age or people with blue-collar jobs.
• The persona of digital watches is very low. This makes them not highly acceptable or widely used for formal gatherings.

Final words:

If you are looking to add elegance to your style, then go for an analog watch. You can play with the watch dial color according to your personality like calm people often prefer grey or blue dial watches. People like me who are fond of colors go for sporty-looking dials like yellow, orange or just black.
If you just want to see time and manage your daily routine and do not care about looks then try digital watches. Although Ecasiocenter has a lot of cool options in G-Shock, pro-trek, and standard digital timepieces which allows a layman, blue-collar worker or a student to choose with.


Casio Company being luxury watches manufacturer

When we think of Casio watches, most of us certainly imagine those useful, efficient, multi-functional and economical watches. Casio is not normally recognized as a manufacturer of luxury watches or special utility and surely not for diving watches. But there are some exceptions to this common perception, such as the Casio marine Analog digital dive watch model. This striking watch has been in the market for a long time and sales figures are enough to indicate the success and popularity of this model.

The watch has a beautiful large black dial wrapped in a stainless steel case with a rubber strap. The stainless steel case adds glory to the overall beauty of this black dial watch and provides resistant protection to internal components and also protects the watch from water leaks. However, with a case diameter of 45 mm, this watch is very large compared to other diving watches. You will have to find a classic and vintage diving watch to match the large size of this. This Casio watch shows the dual time in its dial. The analog part of the screen is very large compared to the digital screen. The digital display can offer you time from a different time zone, which makes it easier to keep up between two different time zones, when you are on a business trip or traveling abroad to dive for pleasure. You do not have to adjust the analog display time to switch between time zones. With the press of a button, you can easily change the time on the digital display. Best Casio watch also features a daily alarm and an automatic calendar to keep it within the scheduled time frame at all times.

This is a super resistant, reliable diving watch with a solid design and a good price for Casio watches. Even if you are not so kind and gentle with your watches, the rugged design of this watch will not disappoint you. Fortunately you can use this watch daily while diving or playing. The Casio watches has a dial window coated with mineral glass, which is a much superior anti-resistance coating and minimizes scratches on the watch face. The watch battery ideally lasts about two years, which is pretty good. This is undoubtedly a great watch with a great design at a reasonable price. Although the clock is large but not too heavy for size. The watch is rated waterproof up to 100 meters.

However, some people have noticed that the resin strap on this watch seems to break after continuous use for a few months and will develop cracks and then break. The alarm bells are not that strong on this watch either. Although, the watch has a luminous marker on the analog dial, but there is no light on the digital display. If you can ignore these small inconveniences of this magnificent watch, then this Casio watch is undoubtedly a great investment. You definitely can’t beat the features, durability and value for money that this watch has to offer.

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