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In order to ensure best printer function and stability, always use only genuine CASIO tape cartridges. Use of a non-CASIO tape cartridge can harm your printer, result in poor printing quality, and cause other problems that can permanently affect the printer’s ability to perform at the level for which it was designed. Also note that problems caused by use of a non-CASIO tape cartridge are not covered by the printer’s warranty, so any charges required for servicing and repair must be borne by you.


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This standard labeling tape comes in a wide variety of colors.
Using labels color-coded according to the objects to be labeled or their purpose makes it easy to organize and manage things.


Color Tape (8m)

Tape for Oily Surfaces

This tape uses an adhesive that can absorb oil from the surface.
Labels can be attached to surfaces contaminated with salad oil, lubricating oil, engine oil, anti-rust oil, or other types of oil or grease.

  • In cases when the surface is covered by a big amount of oil, the tape might not be able to display its adhesive ability fully.



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