• Tough Solar
• Stopwatch 1/100 second
• World time
• 5 alarm modes
• LED (LCD part only)
• Resistance to water at a depth of 200 meters
• Design Sport


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Material casing / flange: Plastic
Plastic strap
Mineral glass
Waterproof at a depth of 200 meters
LED (LCD part only)
Length can choose lighting, glowing behind
Solar powered
Now the world’s
31 time zones (48 cities coordinated universal time), city code display, enable / disable daylight saving, converting local time / World Time
1/100 second stopwatch
measurement capability: 59’59.99 ”
Measuring mode: Time has passed, interrupted now
2 countdown timer
can be used in practicing intermittent alternating between two different pace.
The unit of measure: 1 seconds
Approximately enter: 00’05 “to 99’55” (1-minute increments and increases 5 seconds)
Other: the number of repetitions can be set from 1 to 10
5 daily clock mode
Hourly time signal
Battery power indicator
Energy saving (blank screen to save energy when to watch in the dark)
Fully automatic calendar (up to 2099)
12/24 hour format
Turn on / mute button
Current regular hours
Analog: 2 needle (hours, minutes (needle move 20 seconds))
Digital clock: Hours, minutes, seconds, pm, month, day, weekdays indicated in 6 languages (UK, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy)
Accuracy: ± 30 seconds a month
Life expectancy of the battery operating time:
10 months on rechargeable battery (operating time if normal use without exposure to light after charging)
23 months for the rechargeable battery (uptime when stored in total darkness with the power save function is turned on after full charge)

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