• Casio Oceanus OCW-S3001-1ADF


    Based on “Elegance, Technology” brand concept, the evolved new model appeared from “OCEANUS Manta (Oshianas Manta)” pursuing fine quality and multifunction.
    The new OCW – S3000 series pursued “pleasure to operate” seeking further elegance.
    With the newly developed ultra-compact 6 motor, you can display home time, world time, stopwatch at the same time, and you can switch the display by crown simple operation.
    In addition, we have newly developed a solar panel with high light receiving efficiency to drive the 6 motor module stably. High efficiency solar panels allow parts to be added on the dial and are also helping to improve visibility by increasing the hour and minute hands.
    In addition, dial design pursued wide face, stereoscopic feeling, precise feeling. Of course, like Oceanus Manta, he sticks to beauty, adopting a deep coloring Oshianasu Blue that imagined a clear sea surface everywhere. A beautiful blue symbolizing brand identity shines.
    Dual-curve sapphire glass with dual-side anti-reflective coating for windshield. We are finishing high quality finishing up to fine details such as Zaratsu polishing requiring skilled skills, case by titanium carbide treatment, surface hardening of the band etc.
    New Oceanus Manta pursuing the joy of operation and fine quality.
    · Smooth and fast guidelines with newly developed ultra-compact 6 motor
    · Simultaneous display of home time, world time, stopwatch
    · beautiful blue sparkle unique to Oceanus
    · finishing of smooth surface with zara polishing
    – Double-sided anti-reflection coating boasting high visibility Dual-curved sapphire glass
    – Combines electronic crown switch that can be operated sensibly and multi-motor drive, “smart access” that can use various functions smoothly
    · 6 stations worldwide Multiband 6 which receives standard radio waves of 2 stations in Japan, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany) and automatically corrects the time Multiband 6
    · Simply setting the city of world time
    · home time which can set the city easily with smart access (Including cities that do not receive radio waves) Automatic summer time switching, automatic daylight saving time setting function
    Hybrid mount structure that improves the durability of the movement

  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G1100C-7AJF

    OCW-G1100C-7 AJF

    Since its birth in 2004, Oceanus continues to pursue advanced functions and elegant designs with “Elegance, Technology” as the brand concept. From the GPS Hybrid radio wave solar (* 1) equipped with the latest system, “OCW – G 1100 series”, 1500 special models of Stratos blue color world only appeared.
    Lineup of models based on the concept of “stratosphere” (Stratos) spreading between the Earth and outer space. The bezel adopts a two-color molded ceramic that is color-coded with blue and black, expresses the earth’s blue spreading in the stratosphere, the black of the universe. In addition, the dial finishes beautiful coloring with gradation of white and blue by using printing and vapor deposition method. On the 12 o’clock side index, second hand needle shaft, crown top, treated with recrystallized blue sapphire, expressing beautiful blue shine only of Oceanus. In addition, white butterfly shellfish (* 2) was adopted as the indicator on the 1st to 3 o’clock side to express the pearl mother cloud spreading in the stratosphere.
    The base model OCW – G 1100 can acquire accurate time (* 3) with the GPS hybrid radio solar loader. By receiving a standard radio wave in a building that does not contain GPS radio waves as it is hybridized, receiving GPS radio waves in an area without standard radio wave infrastructure, get the accurate time stably using each merit We are making it possible. In addition, a dual coil motor with a fast rotation speed is adopted for local time display at 6 o’clock position. With the optimum motor configuration allowing quick hand movement, we achieved speedy switching between home time and local time with one push. In addition, by giving haste to the movement of the needle and giving it expression, it also provided the value of “enjoyment of manipulating the clock”.
    It is the world’s only 1500 New Oceanus that combines high quality finish and beauty, the world’s “time” with the latest time correction system.
    · GPS hybrid radio wave solar: real world time reception by the standard radio wave reception function of the world 6, GPS satellite position and time information, automatic summer time setting realized by stable driving by tough solar
    · Dual Dial World Time (27 cities 40 time zone) capable of displaying the time of 2 cities at the same time
    · Needle position automatic correction function
    · Smart access
    · GPS hybrid radio wave Solar but realizing compactness and weight saving
    · Smoothness by “Zaratsu polishing” High surface finish ·
    Two- sided anti-reflection coating boasting 99% transparency Dual Curved Sapphire Glass · One-Push Three Clasp Crown with Slide Adjustment Mechanism that allows band Adjustment without Using Tools
    * 1 “GPS Hybrid Radio Solar”
    It is driven by Casio’s own solar charging system, GPS (Global Positioning System m: Global Positioning System (Global Aerial Positioning System)) or time correction function by radio waves.
    * 2 There are individual differences in patterns etc. as they process shells.
    * 3 Radio reception may not be received depending on conditions such as season, weather, time zone building etc.

  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G1100B-1A


    Inspired by the blue light of the Earth’s surface atmosphere in the universe, the sapphire glass bezel with vapor deposition technology is used. The right half shows blue during the day and the left half shows the dark night.

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    Casio Oceanus OCW-G1100-1A


    Inspired by the blue light of the Earth’s surface atmosphere in the universe, the sapphire glass bezel with vapor deposition technology is used. The right half shows blue during the day and the left half shows the dark night.

  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G1000B-1ADF


    Casio World’s first GPS + radio reception technology, access to more reliable, more accurate time correction. Double-sided non-reflective artificial sapphire glass mirror, titanium carbide bracelet, both functional and quality sense. Simple and elegant table in the table design, filling the high-end, elegant.