Edifice, ECB-800D-1A, Another Great Piece of HandWear

Edifice, ECB-800D-1A, Another Great Piece of HandWear

Edifice, ECB-800D-1A, Another Great Piece of HandWear

Edifice ECB-800DB-1A

Edifice, being the most reliable and so far to be called as best series of Casio, so here Casio came with the new arrival from Edifice Series, ECB-800DB-1A. Edifice series is made of metal chronograph with the best lineup chain feature giving the watch its special grace.

Some multipurpose watches are being provided by Casio, ECB-800DB-1A is one of them, this watch is easily connected to your smartphone and you can operate the settings from your mobile, so make your watch ECB-800DB-1A more user friendly by just few touches away.

Let’s explore the features of this super-hot Edifice ECB-800DB-1A:

  • 1/1000 Second, Stopwatch

ECB-800DB-1A, can record a time of 200 laps, making your stopwatch superfast measuring in nanoseconds, moreover the stopwatch could easily be handled by watch or it could be connected to the mobile so that you can more easily note the seconds and time of your stopwatch.

  • Light Intensity, Multi-Functional

ECB-800DB-1A, delivers the same accurate timekeeping, multi-functionality, and simple operation. The first new feature is a high-brightness LED light source, which brightly illuminates the face for easy reading both night and day so that the portion of the day could easily be judged either you spent whole day in underground.

  • Smartphone Linking

The Edifice classical watch, ECB-800DB-1A can easily be connected to a smartphone with Bluetooth feature, so that setting your watch with your finger touching smartphone. Coolest feature also increases the demand of this beauty.

  • Design of the ECB-800DB-1A

This watch is lightweight with compact and most enhanced configuration system in it. The small diameter less than 3mm diameter and about 2mm thin, making it lightest model of Edifice. The inner dials of the watch, with most designed handles of the watch making it a bold design.

  • Time Accuracy

Time Accuracy also is the best in this ECB-800DB-1A Edifice Watch, because of internet connectivity making the time accuracy guaranteed. Moreover, time of different cities could be saved simultaneously in it, more than 250 world cities are saved in it, and it is going to be the hot choice of world travelers.

  • Solar System

Mostly watches have a low solar system, but in this Edifice ECB-800DB-1A the solar panel placed are meant to be called as solar panel, in-fact they are the tough solar panels meant for a long term use.

Now, just naming some brilliant specifications of this Edifice Beauty ECB-800DB-1A,


  • Tachymeter Mineral Glass
  • Solar Panel Powered LED Light
  • More than 100-meter water resistance
  • Case/Bezel Material
  • Wireless Phone Connectivity
  • High Stopwatch Measuring Capacity
  • Auto Calendar (till the year 2099)
  • Power Saving Feature
  • Rechargeable Battery

This Edifice ECB-800DB-1A, is of outstanding accuracy, powerful multi-function operation, easy operation, and high brightness LED, all in a compact, lightweight configuration that looks great on the wrist.

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