Casio Watches – Accelerating Forward With Casio Wave Ceptor Watches

Casio Watches – Accelerating Forward With Casio Wave Ceptor Watches

Casio Watches – Accelerating Forward With Casio Wave Ceptor Watches

Accelerating forward from it’s rich heritage, the Casio Watch company’s Casio Wave watches are the next generation of Casio watches. Announced after Casio’s G-Shock line, the Casio Wave promises to deliver more. The Casio Wave as the name suggests are the radio watches engineered to receive time wave signals to calibrate the correct time from different time services around the globe. These highly accurate time services are based on atomic clocks and are typically operated by local governments. The time signal broadcast from these services are received by Casio Wave watches to correct their time.

All Casio Wave watch models are equipped with Atomic Timekeeping Technology. That means the Casio wave captor watches require no settings or adjusting the time (including daylight saving time), date or even year. The watches are engineered to synchronize with time services at regular intervals. The Atomic Time Keeping Technology is engineered to calibrate the time signals automatically up to six times a day. When any automatic time synchronization is successful, the remaining automatic synchronizations operations are not performed for that particular day. The time synchronization procedure is normally better at night times as compared to day times. The Casio Wave watches are engineered to be accurate always and deliver excellent long-term and short-term accuracy.

Some of the Casio Wave watches also feature solar powered technology. That means you don’t have to change the battery of your watch, the battery is automatically charged by light. Although you have to expose your watch either to sun light or any other light source inside your home or office to charge the solar cell within the watch. Once it is fully charged, the timekeeping within Casio Wave captor watches remains enabled for approximately four months. However, the solar powered technology is not available on all the models of Casio Wave watches.

Conversely, typical light conditions such as light in the office or home is not sufficient enough to obtain a full charge for the batteries in these Casio Wave watches. Only natural outdoor light source can lead to achieve the full charge. Once the battery inside these watches obtains full charge the usual indoor light conditions are well enough to keep these watches continually charged.

Just like other solar watches, the Casio Wave watches also have the negative point of losing the battery charge when stored in dark area. The battery within the watch runs down, if the watch is stored in an area where there is no light. Casio Wave watches are no exception here. However, the Casio Wave captor watches enters into power saving “sleep mode” to save the battery power, if kept in dark, thus conserving the power.

The Casio wave captor watches also features cool chronograph functionalities. The stopwatch functionality allows you to measure time intervals to a level of 1/20 of a second. The stop watch also has a awesome display range of 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59.95 seconds.

It’s really a cool buy for individuals looking for a sportive, adventurous and fashionable style statement.

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