Casio Swiss watches

Casio Swiss watches

Casio Swiss watches

Casio Swiss Watches

All these manufacturers have their own quality control and testing procedures. Each watch goes through several meticulous tests before they are sent to the final sales chain.

Swiss watchmakers are very aware of the image of their brand and that is why almost everyone offers quality products to meet the needs of connoisseurs and watch enthusiasts around the world.

Water Resistance Capacity


The marked water resistance capabilities of Casio Swiss watches are:

30M: this marked water resistance means the basic level of water resistance. When a device is marked with this type of water resistance, it means that the watch is suitable for normal use and is capable of handling drizzles, normal splashes, etc.

50M: if your watch is marked with a 50M water resistance, that means it will allow you to swim in a pool. However, you should not dive with such devices.

100M: This brand means that the watch is suitable for diving, swimming and showering. However, the use of hot water is not allowed.

200M: a watch marked with 200M is perfectly suited for adventure sports such as scuba diving and scuba diving. However, deep sea diving is not allowed to use this type of watches.

300M: these watches are actually intended for professional divers and are equipped with numerous other functions, such as the helium exhaust valve, a screwed crown for a better diving experience and water resistance.

600M / 1200M: these types of casio watches are rarely found and only with a premium brand like Omega. Designed for extreme depths, these devices are capable of handling high pressures. Structurally, these are quite robust and strong since no additional care is needed.


With all this in mind, it should be borne in mind that the water resistance capacity of a Swiss watch depends entirely on certain things, such as the state of the joint, which includes normal wear and tear due to prolonged use. Therefore, it is always advisable that the watch be checked periodically from authorized service centers and checked for faults that may interfere with the water resistance capacity of the device.

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