Standing at the unmatched and unparalleled position as a leader in manufacturing electronic products, Casio also is a renowned name in manufacturing timepieces. It is notable when we buy watches from this brand. As we all know that it is a Japanese brand which stands high for its exceptional innovations. Casio has manufactured many series which gained popularity in the context of their functionality and up till now Casio has never stopped making such elegant and sophisticated timepieces.

Features of Casio Oceanus Collection:

Casio’s premium Oceanus collection is highly popular. Casio Oceanus collection encapsulates advanced electronic technology with a sophisticated and elegant style statement. This fusion holds the characteristics of Casio G-Shock and Waveceptor watch series. This collection of watches when worn gives your personality a very sophisticated and elegant look. The watches from the Oceanus collection are solar-powered and radio-synchronized. These watches appeals the watch lovers through its metallic appearance. It distinguishes itself from the other mechanical watches in many functions and features. Unlike other mechanical watches, it possesses a provision of setting the time using GPS technology. Moreover, different micro motors embedded inside it control its functioning from inside. All the watches designed under the Casio Oceanus collection are equipped with an analog watch face. Although, the older version was said to be equipped with the combined analogue and digital dials. Moreover, to control the functioning of dials for a time, stopwatch, seconds, the day of week and hours, the watches include five independent motors inside. It is the first ever watch to offer a 5 motor technology with atomic solar technology. The Oceanus watches are considered to be your perfect companions for visits to Europe, North America, Japan, and China. This is because these Casio atomic watches are capable of synchronizing themselves according to the time signals of the countries mentioned above. These Casio atomic watches are equipped with the sapphire crystal and titanium surfaces. Thus these watches are highly resistive to scratches.

Casio Oceanus collection consist of very robust and ergonomic watch models. Some of the watches are:

Oceanus 600 series

The Casio Oceanus OCW-T600 watch series is the simplest timepiece from the Oceanus collection. These timepieces are water resistant up to 100 meters and are capable of displaying the time in 29 different world time zones.


The Casio Oceanus Cachalot OCW-P1000-1AJF series of watches are basically the marine watches designed for underwater sports. These watches are featured with a rotating bezel and a yacht timer chronograph.

Oceanus 700 series

The Oceanus OCW-M700 is equipped with an analogue dial face without any LCD screen. Unlike other Casio Oceanus line of watches, it includes a sub dial to display the status of the ocean tides in the current time zone. It is the only Oceanus model to support this feature.


Oceanus 1000 Series “Manta”

The Oceanus Manta is one of the most expensive watches from this collection. Launched on June 1, 2007, this Casio watch features a sapphire crystal and the MULTI-BAND 5 technology. Moreover, this watch is exempted from the feature of tide meter. It is quite similar to the 600 series watch style but it is thinner than both the 700 and 600 Oceanus series timepieces.

Apart from these, the Casio Oceanus ocw-s100-1ajf model is also highly popular among the watch lovers. This Casio watch is available in a 39mm case size and has outstanding shock-resistant properties. This model is very classic and gives a very cool look.

We have seen that Casio’s Oceanus collection is considered as one of the best series ever designed by Casio.

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