Casio G-Shock Watches – The Brainchild of Casio

Casio G-Shock Watches – The Brainchild of Casio

Standing like a pillar  of the brands :

G-Shock is still the DNA of the Casio watch brand. It has its own image. After many challenges, the first G-Shock watch came out in 1983. It reflects the company’s motto for making extremely hard and unbreakable best Casio edifice watches. Casio brought the Triple 10 idea: a type of original product that can withstand 10 meters of free fall, 10 bars or 100 meters of water resistance with a battery that can exist for 10 years. All G-Shock watches can combat vibrations and falls.

Compact but economical:

Casio G-Shock watches are known for their definitive precise timing. Another important factor of his desire among watch fans is that they are made taking into account the affordability of customers. Everyone can take advantage of these watches. But this does not mean that they are cheap in quality. Their first-class watch materials give them confidence to run smoothly and for a prolonged period.

Inclusion of many new activities:

The latest G-Shock watches are accompanied by atomic clock connectivity, rugged solar battery and many more. Atomic clock compatibility is a function that receives time signals from precise atomic clocks. The rugged solar battery charging mechanism includes a solar cell and a rechargeable battery. Both work as much as watches.

Elegant and colorful:

Casio G-Shock watches have a sporty look with the treatment of a multitude of colors such as black, orange, white, green, blue and many more. The application of these colors in the dials and watch straps intensifies the charming attitude of a user. They simply look like a toy when viewed from a close distance. All G-Shock watches have analog and analog-digital watches.

Casio G-Shock Watches – The Brainchild of CasioThis collection contains watches for men. They are famous among police personnel, army men, adventure sports professionals and others. In addition to the steel watch case, some models of this bright line have been built with resin case. The resin is a plastic formation, which is completely synthetic and waterproof in the form of a clock. It is commonly used in sports and digital watches. The resins are made of polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy and are provided to customers who remain active for most of the day. They are resistant to high temperatures, sunlight and repetitive inclination.

The watch boxes have rectangular and square patterns in addition to the circular case shape. The square and rectangular dials are examples of the innovative sense of the brand. Originality is projected through the implementation of colors. Many colors such as blue, black, gray, purple, orange, beige, purple and many others have been used to embroider the dials of the G-Shock models. Among these colors: beige, purple, orange, purple and green are attractive and new. They produce a distinctive fragrance for these pieces. Bright embellishment of these watches has been possible with the proper placement of the hour, minute and second hands. The quartz complication is loaded with these watches to maintain timing accuracy. Watches with this type of movement require a battery to charge them. Its very few moving parts make watches economical and active.

The water resistance installation of Casio G-Shock watches is available within a distance of 30 to 200 meters. It not only makes watches waterproof, but also very stable.

There are a range of features that have been offered with these watches. Alarm clock, date of the day, Skeleton Dial, world time, analog, chronograph and date display has been available with Casio G-Shock watches.

Active clock functions:

Famous for its ease of shock resistance, the new watches in this collection also have mud and magnet resistant technology. An alarm clock is present in some of these watches. This quality reminds the user of the set time and repeatedly alerts within a period of time. The chronograph is a function that is used as a stopwatch to measure the speed of time. The chronograph window is on the dial so it can be easily seen. The display of the date and date of the day are the two functions related to the date and time. World time shows the time of different countries unanimously. The skeleton dial is a type of watch face that guarantees the user to see both sides of the dial clearly. The analog display system is a conventional method of telling time. In this system, you will find minute, second and hour hands.

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