Casio G-Shock set

Casio G-Shock set

Casio G-Shock set

The atomic solar watch Casio G-Shock BA-110GA-7A1 has it all: it is strong and resistant, it is functional and intelligent, it looks good and has a very good price is far small. Casio watches have earned a stellar reputation in the world of watches for those same reasons, and this Casio chronograph watch shows why the G-Shock watch line stands out among the best values ​​in timing.

Casio G-Shock setCasio Set

In the early 1980s, Casio set out to build a line of watches that never break, even those with analog chronograph clock movements, such as the one we are examining here. The result of these efforts is the G-Shock family of watches, now widely recognized as the toughest watches in the world. This ultra resistance to shock arises from several layers of construction that work to isolate and absorb the effect of intense shocks, protecting the inner core of the watch. The Casio BA-110GA-7A1 , an analog chronograph watch, inherits this familiar feature of legendary tenacity by means of its multi-layer structure, coated in ion-coated stainless steel. It is a true beater made to withstand the rigors of extreme activities, and is much more than adequate for normal daily use.

Atomic Solar

The Casio G-Shock BA-110GA-7A1 atomic solar watch is not only rugged, but also functional and intelligent in several ways. First, this analog chronograph watch offers a resolution of 1/20 seconds with a capacity of 60 minutes and divided time capacity, ideal for running, cycling, rowing or any activity that requires the measurement of elapsed time. Secondly, no one could ask for a more accurate clock, since its multiband atomic calibration keeps time until the second. Even without calibration of the radio signal, the Casio BA-110GA-7A1 maintains accuracy within +/- 20 seconds per month, due to its precision quartz movement. Third, if you accumulate frequent flier miles, you’ll appreciate the World Time feature that the time offers in 29 time zones (27 cities). Fourth, you will never need to change a battery, since it works with solar energy. By extracting energy from light, even from ordinary interior lighting, it will continue to operate for five months with a full charge without further exposure to light. Fifth, although it does not have a rotating immersion bezel, the Casio G-Shock BA-110GA-7A1 atomic solar watch is ready for its next dive expedition, with luminous hands and neo-brita hour markers and its water resistance rating of 200 meters . . Finally, the time can be read in 12 or 24 hour format, the automatic calendar is pre programmed until the year 2099, it offers 4 daily alarms with wake-up function, and more. Obviously, the Casio BA-110GA-7A1 offers a lot of intelligent functions.

Chronograph Watch

While beauty can be in the eye of the beholder, it is hard to resist the sporty appeal of this Casio chronograph watch. With the visual features of the G-Shock family of watches, the BA-110GA-7A1 atomic solar watch by Casio G-Shock is designed with a dark blue dial that supports three secondary black markings and markers and silver-tone accents, all in a black box that is attached to the wrist with a comfortable black rubber strap. Given its large size, 49.8mm x 15.2mm, the Casio BA-110GA-7A1 fills the wrist. Although it is designed to hold its functions and provide easy readings at a glance, it does not hurt that its size requires attention. It is a great looking watch.

While not designed for formal attire, the Casio G-Shock BA-110GA-7A1 atomic solar watch, which offers a wealth of sporty attractions, is ideal for business, sporting events and casual occasions. And, being made for an extreme activity, if you can take it, you can also do this Casio G-Shock chronograph.

Since the launch of its first watch in 1974, Casio watches have continued to evolve and push the wrapping of watchmaking, and the Casio G-Shock BA-110GA-7A1 atomic solar watch provides the evidence. You can find the Casio BA-110GA-7A1 and other Casio chronograph watches at greatly discounted prices at Sport Venue of the clock.


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