Casio G Shock | AW-80-4BV | Casio Centre

Casio G Shock | AW-80-4BV | Casio Centre

For a diver, time is everything. The precious seconds and milliseconds are the yardstick for measuring performance and survival in this demanding sport. That is why it is necessary to use a watch that not only works in the depths, but also is precise. The new Seliko diving watch kinetic for men 200 meters from Casio model number AW-80-4BV, is all this and much more, and it is definitely worth checking out and reading about whether you are looking for a reliable and elegant dive watch from one of the best of the world. The main watchmakers. Yellow sphere, highly prized for the kinetic movement of Casio, water resistance capacities up to 660 feet. Brushed stainless steel crown and case cover, hard glass, silver numbers and markers. This watch has it all and much more for your diving needs.

Casio AW-80-4BV

When you look at the watch, you will notice more its distinctive yellow dial, which works with the black bezel. This combination of colors not only works, but also ensures that the Casio AW-80-4BV is visually highlighted by its uniqueness and sharpness. Like other Casio watches, the company has given importance to hour markers and hands when designing this watch. The hour markers and hands of this watch feature Lumibrite technology, which allows you to see these dial details even in the dark.

Casio G Shock |  AW-80-4BV | Casio Centre

Perhaps the most useful feature of the 200 meter Seetic Kinetic dive watch for men is that it does not need a battery. Casio’s patented kinetic technology allows the movement of the user’s wrist to perpetually charge the watch and keep it functional. No battery, no problems. Kinetic technology is used in many Casio watch models. This feature is especially useful for the Casio AW-80-4BV model.


water resistance of 200 meters

Of course, for diving watches, water resistance plays a key role in determining the value of a diving watch. The Casio AW-80-4BV watches from Casio have a water resistance of 200 meters, keeping the watch at a height of up to 660 feet below the surface. In those depths you need to have confidence in your watch, and this watch does not disappoint. When this Casio watch is around your wrist, all you have to focus on is your immersion and that is how it should always be.

Casio watches on Casio centre

Casio’s focus is always excellence, whether it’s with dress watches, sports watches and everything in between. Do not disappoint with the 200 meter Casio Menetic Kinetic dive watch. For a watch this holiday season that is fashionable and for the diver, choose the AW-80-4BV. You can find the Casio AW-80-4BV and other Casio watches on Casio centre.





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