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Casio Men’s Atomic Solar Moon & Tide Watch

You can hear the outside calling for you. Adventure, excitement, and discovery await you as you travel for camping, hiking, fishing, and many other moments past. You know what shoes to wear, what clothes you need, including food and supplies. Like anything else you need, you also need a watch to be your companion on your travels. A robust and elegant watch with all the functions you need. Casio’s latest multi-band solar atomic watch for men, model number PAW1500-1V from Casio watches, could be one of the more suitable choices here.

The Casio pathfinder PAW1500-1V will immediately catch your eye with its superior design and craftsmanship. Truly the best that Casio watches has to offer, you will see the digital compass function, which of course is paramount for any outdoor adventure. Seeking to minimize the different instruments you may need to carry, Casio also includes functions such as a tide graph, altimeter and barometer in this watch. With the Casio PAW1500-1V there are so many options, all in view and on your wrist ready to go.

Aside from being a tough and durable watch that can withstand anything nature can have in store, perhaps the best feature of this Casio pathfinder PAW1500-1V men’s watch is solar power. That means you never have to worry about batteries. Even little sunlight from time to time would keep your watch’s battery charged and keep the watch running. Having this Casio watch charged by light, it would have 150 days of charging with no more exposure to light, that’s true reliability.

The casio pathfinder PAW1500-1V has almost all the functions except a GPS. The watch has large numbers that are easy to read and clearly visible in a very bright backlight. The watch also has the automatic backlight feature, which you can easily enable and disable from the options menu. Casio has a history of making watches for reliability, function, and ruggedness. When you hear the call of the great outdoors, be sure to venture out with the Casio watches.

The watch displays graphs of the moon and tides, has a compass, altimeter, thermometer, barometer, world time, stopwatch, countdown timer, five alarms, hourly chime, and many more features built into the watch. Casio watches typically have good water resistance, and this watch is also water resistant to 200 meters. This watch simply has everything you wish you had on your wristwatch. Radio atomic timekeeping is an added bonus, keeping time on this watch with division-second precision.

If you’re wondering what atomic time clocks are, these are the clocks where you don’t need to set the time. The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has come up with extremely precise and precise hydrogen and cesium atom clocks, which are called atomic clocks. The exorbitant annotations from the United States Naval Observatory play a key role in keeping atomic clocks in sync with the actual rotation of the earth and the course of the earth around the sun. The resulting weather information is then transmitted over short radio waves from a station. Atomic clocks pick up the signal transmitted from these towers and automatically set the time on your watch. As long as your watch receives the signals, it will be very accurate in a fraction of seconds. So all you have to do is keep your watch near the window every night and your watch will be in sync with those atomic clocks.

Initially, you must calibrate the watch with the actual conditions observed; once calibrated, it will display very accurate measurements. Casio watches are generally very durable, so you shouldn’t normally experience any problems with any of the functions. However, the barometer only measures in 0.05-inch increments, which is generally good enough but sometimes misleading. The altimeter, on the other hand, measures in 5-meter increments ranging from -700 meters to 10,000 meters, and can store altitude, date, time, and month data. Not only this, it can also provide you with differential graphs and can set a crucial alarm when you reach a specific altitude position.

However, if you are one of those fashion conscious types, then you should try this Casio watch on your wrist before purchasing. The watch is slightly larger and may not fit well if you have a very small wrist. Another pessimistic aspect of this watch is its plastic resin strap. Since it is made of plastic, you may feel a bit uncomfortable after wearing the watch for some time.

Overall, the Casio pathfinder PAW1500-1V is the best watch in the world so far.

Pathfinder series of Casio watches. The Pathfinder series is known for carrying the best outdoor watches and this watch will not disappoint you there. So before you go out next time, think about buying this watch.


Casio Watches for Teens

The Japanese company Casio has been producing high-quality electronics and other products for just over 65 years. That means if there was a grocery store for international corporations, you’d get a senior discount.

However, despite the age of the company, it is still known for making amazing products that continue to propel this company into the future. Every teenager today knows that they always want to have the next novelty. Casio designers know this and that is why they make products that are always one step ahead of the competition.

In the beginning, Casio was best known for producing some of the world’s first calculators. Over the years, Casio began to venture into the electronic instrument business. Today they are still recognized around the world for their incredible Casio keyboards.

In the 1980s, Casio also began producing high-quality wristwatches. Today they still make functional and modern wristwatches that are perfect for people of all ages.

Casio has now gone even beyond all these products and manufactures products of the future. These include high-quality digital cameras and the cell phones of tomorrow. But with these new innovations, Casio still strives to produce wristwatches that appeal to teens and adults alike. Here are some examples of Casio watches that younger generations will love.

Casio Pathfinder Men’s Special Edition Go-Green Solar Quartz Rubber Strap Digital Watch

One of the characteristics that Casio is best known for is the bright and exciting color patterns on its watches. And what better way to stylize your look than with a colorful watch that also conveys an inspiring message? Show both your sense of style and your commitment to the environment with the Casio Special Edition Pathfinder Men’s Go-Green Solar Quartz Digital Rubber Strap Watch from Casio.

This watch is all about going green, not just in appearance but in action as well. The figurative “green” aspect of this watch refers to Pathfinder solar powered technology. This uses a solar energy cell that collects direct and indirect light. That means you don’t have to stand in the sun to power this watch.

The solar cell in this watch powers a rechargeable battery, which then operates the reliable quartz movement. If you are away from a light source for a long period of time (such as if you have kept the watch in a drawer for a while), it will go into power saving mode.

Another eco-friendly feature of this watch is the long-lasting battery. Of course, it recharges so you don’t have to worry about buying a new one any time soon, but the batteries still wear out even if they’re rechargeable. However, the good thing about this battery is that it will last between 20 and 30 years.

Regarding the aesthetic characteristics of this watch, it is more easily recognized by its shiny green rubber case. It also has a combination of green and silver function buttons to add contrast to the case. The EL auto-backlit dial is protected by a hard mineral glass and features a wide range of practical functions. These include things like a power reserve bar, an alarm, a dual time zone feature, a countdown timer, a chronograph, and day, week, and month indications.

Surprisingly, those are not all the characteristics of this amazing little watch. It even has a barometer, altimeter, digital compass, and even a thermometer! This watch is not just green; it’s an incredible technological leap into the future. Buckle up with a vision of a better tomorrow with the Pathfinder Go-Green Edition.

Casio Runner Series Multifunction Quartz Digital Watch with Green Rubber Strap

In today’s modern age, many teens might think that they don’t need a wristwatch because they can only look at their cell phone. But runners know that it’s a lot easier to have a watch on your wrist to keep track of not just time, but all sorts of other measurements as they go for a run.

Casio’s Runner series designs watches that are not only great for running, but also look modern and cool. This particular watch has all kinds of features that will benefit both runners and non-runners. One of the first features that runners can enjoy is a countdown timer. You can set this for times ranging from one minute for a quick spring to 100 hours for an epic marathon. It also has a 1 / 100th second stopwatch, pace signal, measurement ability, memory capacity, and is pre-programmed
with a complete calendar until the year 2039.

When it comes to making the products of tomorrow, Casio has always been at the forefront of technology. That is why their wristwatches are destined to be the watch of choice for today’s teens.

Casio MTP-VD01D-1E2

Casio Watches – Looking At the Best

Casio is a company that was founded by Tadao Kashio in Japan after the Second World War in 1946. They first made cigarette holders, moved to calculators, created a stir, and then took to watchmaking. Since then, there is no turning back for Casio, and today Casio watches are found all over the world and are considered the best among many others.

Since Casio made calculators before, when they started with watches, to stand out, they installed mini-calculators on the dial, which was a huge success in their heyday, and these watches were also prominently used by teachers and students. After this, Casio Timepieces always had a unique style and they delivered the most different and sought after watches, with innovative styles.

Casio Watches always stood out, the different editions and collections of watches would provide their users with different time zones, meteorological details of different places with a thermometer and barometer installed, watches that could activate the alarm etc. A special collection of mountain climber watches was launched that show altitude along with time.

Due to these exciting wristwatches, Casio Watches became the most favorable watches of all time and surpassed the other brands in true technological development. They also devised a collection of watches known as wave receivers, which could read radio signals that would allow the watch to keep the correct time continuously.

Along with these highly advanced watches, Casio Timepieces also includes other types, such as regular watches with leather and steel bracelets in different sizes and colors and different dials such as Casio-G Shock watches for men and Casio Baby-G Shock watches for men. women that can be used by everyone, casual or work, or for other important social gatherings or parties. These watches are used by people who do not need to buy watches with advanced technology. This line of Casio watches is inexpensive and durable.

Casio watches are readily available in any retail or department store around the world. Casio watches are also sold on many retail websites across the Internet. These watches can be purchased with guarantee from a reputable website online at attractive and discounted prices.

When it comes to the price of Casio watches, they are reasonably priced, especially the simple and classic style of the watches. However, the more functions, the higher the price of Casio watches. Fortunately, Casio watches have a great variety, so that all a customer’s needs can be met at an affordable price.

Casio watches, with their huge collection of different types of watches, have made a mark in the watchmaking business and are rapidly advancing towards great success due to their unique combination of superior quality material and high-end technologies. These watches boast style and elegance, but a classic and simple look with various prices that appeal to any potential buyer or watch lover. For all these qualities, Casio Watches are always the ideal choice.

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Casio G-Shock



Casio is a brand which has maintained its reputation among other brands since its start. Casio watches are well-known around the globe because of their resistance, durability and affordability. Casio offers its customers the best series ever made with lots of functionalities, all this encapsulated in a futuristic timepiece of Casio. Its timepieces are made with high-quality materials to give them an elegant, sharp and refined look. Casio has designed many watches keeping in view the major concerns of their customers. Many of the Casio series involves; Edifice, Pro-trek, Classic, Black Analog, G-Shock and many more. Let’s talk about Casio G-Shock series, whose demand is still the same as it was at the time of its start.

Casio G-Shock watches

CASIO’s shock-resistant G-SHOCK watch is synonymous with toughness, born from the developer Mr. Ibe’s dream of ‘creating a watch that never breaks’. Over 200 samples were created and tested until finally in 1983, the first G-Shock hit the streets of Japan with the tag of “the toughest watch of all the time” and it proved to be the toughest one. Each watch incorporates seven elements including electric shock resistance, gravity resistance, low temperature resistance, vibration resistance, water resistance, shock resistance and toughness. The watch is encased with Casio’s latest technologies and innovations to prevent it from direct shocks; this include internal components protected with urethane and suspended timekeeping modules inside the watch structure. Whenever we talk about G-Shock watches our conversation cannot continue without mentioning iconic Frogman, which has been there from the very beginning when it was introduced in 1993. Now in 2020, Casio has introduced its first ever Analog Frogman – a full-fledged, ISO-6425-rated connected dive watch that introduces an entirely new suite of functionality to yield a watch that deftly continues the long traditions of the Frogman’s impressive capability.

G-Shock Frogman:

The new Frogman (GWF-A1000 – where “A” most likely stands for Analog) is not designed to replace, but rather to complement the current digital Frogman (GWF-D1000 — where “D” stands for Digital), which was introduced in 2016. Both versions of the watch are water resistant up to 200 meters, shock resistant, and equipped with Casio’s “Tough Solar” sun-powered movement with a six-band atomic clock accuracy control system. But the aging triple-sensor-equipped digital version still houses a feature that the new connected analog variant does not: a depth gauge. It might feel like a crucial omission, but the new Frogman looks to make up for it with an all-new G-Shock Frogman app, which does everything from managing time adjustments and changing watch settings to checking on local tide conditions, managing a long-term dive log, exceeding the digital version (which could only remember up to 20 dives).


The over-sized dimensional index and hour and minute hands offer improved readability. Three dual-coil motors enable the hour, minute and world time hands to move rapidly so the wearer can switch modes with no delay. The monocoque case integrates the case with its back cover. Carbon fiber reinforced resin is used for the case material, offering high strength and low absorbency. In addition, six screws securely fasten the metal ring that is press-fit to the glass. Enhanced water resistance is facilitated by the button shafts’ triple-gasket fittings. The fluoroelastomer material provides an excellent fit on the wrist with its soft feel, not to mention exceptional resistance to staining and hydrolysis. The hour and minute hands can be brought together as one at the start of a dive to indicate the diving time. After resurfacing will display the surface interval using both hands. The second hand moves forward or in reverse to indicate the status of dive time and surface interval measurements. The inset dial at the 3 o’clock position displays tide data for a specified location and date. The inset dial at the 8 o’clock position shows the current local time. The app comes pre-set with some of the world’s major dive spots. Tide points can be set with ease. Sapphire crystal with a non-reflective coating offers high visibility and scratch-resistance. The Super Illuminator function lights up the watch face with high-intensity light, to ensure readability in the dark. Time correction is conducted by either Bluetooth communications or standard time radio wave (Multi Band 6), depending on the circumstances. Reception of the most recent time zone and Daylight Saving Time information assures that the correct time is displayed at all times.


Casio G-Shock & Baby-G Watches

In April 1983, Casio released its first Casio G-Shock watch. The Casio G-Shock DW-5000C was designed to be dropped from the top of a building without breaking. This new G-Shock watch was unique in its design. While many manufacturers designed thinner and lighter watches, Casio had developed a bulky and shock resistant watch. Casio had defined a new category of watches with no competitor in this type of niche product. Over the next ten years, these larger watches became more fashionable and were sought after around the world. The solid nature of Casio’s G-Shock brand, coupled with ever-increasing functionality, appealed to sports enthusiasts, manual workers, and those on an adventurous streak.

The G-Shock range was becoming a Casio phenomenon. Later, in 1994, a range of G-Shock watches intended for women was launched. Nicknamed the Baby-G, these women’s watches were presented in a range of feminine colors and featured digital motifs in line with current trends. The other features mirrored those of earlier male lines; Shock and water resistant with a variety of digital functions.

Modern Casio G-Shock watches and Casio Baby-G watches come in digital or analog formats or even a combination of the two. They have a set of functions that typically includes:

– Water resistant to varying degrees.

– Shock resistant

– stopwatch

– Countdown

– Alarms (every hour and up to 5 daily alarms)

– Automatic day / date change

– World time

– EL backlight

In addition to these relatively standard features, the Casio G-Shock range has activity-specific watches that include features aimed directly at that hobby. These additional specialized functions may include:

– Tough Solar (solar powered watch charging)

– Wave Ceptor (automatic time correction by atomic clock)

– Barometer

– altimeter

– Digital compass

– thermometer

– Moon age display

– Yacht timer

– Visualization of the tide graph

– Resistant to mud

– Electronic data memory (e-Data)

– Resistance to extreme temperatures

Constant innovation at Casio means that new advanced features are added regularly in new lines.

Casio G-Shock watches are most famous for their robust nature. Casio achieves this through the ingenious use of modern watchmaking materials such as titanium, rubber, resin, and stainless steel. G-SHOCK watches generally consist of layers of these materials to ensure strength and shock resistance. The stainless steel and titanium bracelets use strong button deployment closures for added security and water resistant rubber or velcro straps are used on other models for added comfort. A hardened mineral watch glass is recessed just like watch pushers, reducing the possibility of them being struck, damaged or broken. Inside the case there are small springs and rubber pads around the watch module to absorb shocks and protect the movement. In addition to this, the movements of Casio watches are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Despite the high build quality and smart design, Casio G-Shock watches are very affordable. These watches are well suited for those with an active lifestyle and the style of a G-Shock or Casio Baby-G watch makes that impression strongly.

The large selection means that there is sure to be a suitable G-Shock watch for everyone. A large number of G-Shock and Baby-G watches, as well as the Pro Trek range (with G-Shock technology) are available at Ecasio centre, as well as many other brands aimed at consumers with different needs. . .


How to Spot a CASIO Watch Fake - Don't Get Ripped Off!

How to Spot a CASIO Watch Fake – Don’t Get Ripped Off!

CASIO Computer Company was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1946 and for over 60 years has produced the highest quality electronic products in the industry. Known for products such as calculators, PDAs, cameras, and audio equipment, but for many consumers, its best-known products on the market are the extremely popular CASIO watches.

With popularity comes knockoff, and today’s market is flooded with notable knockoffs and counterfeits.

When shopping for CASIO watches online, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Try the CASIO website first – see what they offer directly from the company and this can help you narrow down your extra searches.

Buy only from reputable online stores; look for the warranty information on the store site.

If you buy from an online auction site, make sure the seller has positive comments and feedback on the products they sell; While there are no guarantees of a seller’s business conduct, it is a good way to assess the overall quality of their products and services.

No matter what type of site it is, the seller must have pictures of their CASIO watches; Please compare those pictures with those on the CASIO watch official website.

All CASIO watches come with CASIO printed on the front and back, usually in small letters. Also, the total or partial model number of the watch. * Sometimes multiple similar watches will use the same back and only the first part of the shared general model number will print; The images provided by the sellers should reflect that.

When shopping in public, you should always go to an established jeweler or a major department store. But, let’s say you’re going to stop by a watch dealer’s kiosk at your local mall or open-air market; there are a few things to look for when browsing:

As with online shopping, be sure to inspect the watch and its case for official markings.

* Make sure CASIO is on the face and back of the watch, as well as the full or partial model number of the watch.

* Make sure the model number matches the official CASIO watch model numbers; This may require a bit of planning and prior research on your part, but it is worth not buying a fake CASIO.

* Look on the back of the watch case – next to the barcode there should be a model number that matches the watch model. – Beware of a watch that is in the wrong box or has no box at all.

* A fake CASIO will also show signs of poor workmanship. – Closely inspect the watch for rough edges, discoloration, scrolling, or strange-looking text on the watch face, as well as the quality of the strap and clasp. You should also test the brightness of the dial, as many fake CASIO watches will have a noticeably dimmer dial than a real CASIO watch.


Casio Watch Repairs

Regardless of the quality of any watch, there will undoubtedly come a time when your watch requires repair of some nature. With any quartz watch, for example, at some point you will need a battery replacement, whereas with a mechanical watch, regular service is necessary to keep accurate time.

Casio watches are no different. Casio watches use Japanese quartz movements in digital, analog, or a combination of both. While some Casio watches use Casio Tough Solar technology, the rest will require occasional battery replacement. The battery in a Casio analog watch typically lasts between 2 and 5 years, and digital watches can last between 2 and 10 years, depending on the type of battery and the number of functions the watch can perform. Some Casio watches contain a movement that will last 10 years on a good quality lithium battery before the battery needs to be replaced. It’s also worth noting that some Casio watches with advanced features require more than one battery.

When your Casio’s battery needs to be replaced, your waterproof watch may well require replacement of its seals. If water resistance is required, a post-battery installation test will be required to ensure the watch is watertight at its original depth. Without this, your watch may leak if you expose it to water. If water gets into your watch, it can cause irreparable damage to the movement.

As with any other electronic or mechanical device, it is also possible that a component in your watch will one day wear out. As with a light bulb, some electronic part of your quartz movement may one day stop working for no apparent reason. Mechanical parts in watches can wear out just like in a car and will need to be replaced to get them working properly again.

In this case, a moving service will be required. In the event that a motion service is not profitable, a motion replacement may be cheaper. A movement replacement is what it sounds like: the entire watch movement is replaced by a new movement and battery. Due to the enormous amount of work involved in a quality movement service performed by a competent technician, a service is often more expensive than a movement replacement. However, this depends on the watch, and sometimes the original movements are no longer available from the manufacturer, so a service becomes the only option.

In addition to the timekeeping function of your Casio watch and due to the multi-functional nature of many Casio watches, from time to time a different movement function may develop a defect. Again, in this case, a movement replacement is often needed.

In addition to these types of repairs, many part repairs are sometimes necessary. Straps need to be replaced, bracelets repaired, clasps repaired, buttons / crowns and stem need to be replaced, and broken or scratched watch glass may need to be replaced. In the case of a watch glass or crown and stem replacement, a water resistance test also needs to be considered once again, as these parts are an integral part of the case and typically use some type of water resistant gasket.

You also need to decide where to repair your Casio watch. Of course, the Casio service center can handle the vast majority of repairs, however many local watch repairers are very competent. Any repairer from a Casio agency can order genuine Casio parts if necessary and the most experienced local watch repairer can also carry out repairs that may not be profitable to return to Casio. It can also be cheaper and usually much faster to repair the watch locally. Just be sure to use a known and established repairman with a good reputation. Also try to ensure that your repairman is a permanent fixture in your city and is not likely to disappear. Many experienced local watch repairers will guarantee their work, which of course is only beneficial if the store has not stopped trading. Make sure a good quality brand name battery is used where it is needed, as poor quality or incorrect batteries will last only a fraction of the time that a good quality battery will last, and worse, they can leak and the Contained acid can impair your movement. Again, a quality watch repairer will usually guarantee the battery for a minimum of one year.



Standing at the unmatched and unparalleled position as a leader in manufacturing electronic products, Casio also is a renowned name in manufacturing timepieces. It is notable when we buy watches from this brand. As we all know that it is a Japanese brand which stands high for its exceptional innovations. Casio has manufactured many series which gained popularity in the context of their functionality and up till now Casio has never stopped making such elegant and sophisticated timepieces.

Features of Casio Oceanus Collection:

Casio’s premium Oceanus collection is highly popular. Casio Oceanus collection encapsulates advanced electronic technology with a sophisticated and elegant style statement. This fusion holds the characteristics of Casio G-Shock and Waveceptor watch series. This collection of watches when worn gives your personality a very sophisticated and elegant look. The watches from the Oceanus collection are solar-powered and radio-synchronized. These watches appeals the watch lovers through its metallic appearance. It distinguishes itself from the other mechanical watches in many functions and features. Unlike other mechanical watches, it possesses a provision of setting the time using GPS technology. Moreover, different micro motors embedded inside it control its functioning from inside. All the watches designed under the Casio Oceanus collection are equipped with an analog watch face. Although, the older version was said to be equipped with the combined analogue and digital dials. Moreover, to control the functioning of dials for a time, stopwatch, seconds, the day of week and hours, the watches include five independent motors inside. It is the first ever watch to offer a 5 motor technology with atomic solar technology. The Oceanus watches are considered to be your perfect companions for visits to Europe, North America, Japan, and China. This is because these Casio atomic watches are capable of synchronizing themselves according to the time signals of the countries mentioned above. These Casio atomic watches are equipped with the sapphire crystal and titanium surfaces. Thus these watches are highly resistive to scratches.

Casio Oceanus collection consist of very robust and ergonomic watch models. Some of the watches are:

Oceanus 600 series

The Casio Oceanus OCW-T600 watch series is the simplest timepiece from the Oceanus collection. These timepieces are water resistant up to 100 meters and are capable of displaying the time in 29 different world time zones.


The Casio Oceanus Cachalot OCW-P1000-1AJF series of watches are basically the marine watches designed for underwater sports. These watches are featured with a rotating bezel and a yacht timer chronograph.

Oceanus 700 series

The Oceanus OCW-M700 is equipped with an analogue dial face without any LCD screen. Unlike other Casio Oceanus line of watches, it includes a sub dial to display the status of the ocean tides in the current time zone. It is the only Oceanus model to support this feature.


Oceanus 1000 Series “Manta”

The Oceanus Manta is one of the most expensive watches from this collection. Launched on June 1, 2007, this Casio watch features a sapphire crystal and the MULTI-BAND 5 technology. Moreover, this watch is exempted from the feature of tide meter. It is quite similar to the 600 series watch style but it is thinner than both the 700 and 600 Oceanus series timepieces.

Apart from these, the Casio Oceanus ocw-s100-1ajf model is also highly popular among the watch lovers. This Casio watch is available in a 39mm case size and has outstanding shock-resistant properties. This model is very classic and gives a very cool look.

We have seen that Casio’s Oceanus collection is considered as one of the best series ever designed by Casio.



Your watch is more than just a time teller. It’s an idealistic approach to an individual’s personality whether men or women. There are many fashion trends which hit the runways and among them watches also gain equal amount of popularity. The matter is that with the evolution of the world and the modernization of societies a lot of things changed and one of them are our use of gadgets. Smartphones are a wonderful invention, everything got covered under a small square box even the time. Many people think that if they have smartphones than why use watches. Watches can be worn for much more than utility. Women are especially adopting this new trend of wearing timepieces to match their individual style. Men’s watches got popularity and with the time this trend also held the wrists of women. Where Casio make elegant, stylish and rugged designs for men, they also design unique, sleek and beautiful timepieces for women.

Casio understand that women also has their own individual personality and keeping in view this, Casio introduced its best series for women. One of its series is Baby-G which is definitely designed for the small wrists of women. Apart from Baby-g watches,Sheen’ is one of Casio’s best-selling watches of all times. These watches matches with your traditional as well as western look. No doubt it’s a perfect fit in your wardrobe. It is designed both for small and big wrists.

Swarovski and pink studded bezel watch:

Swarovski and pink studded bezel watch is all a women must need. The rhinestone studded bezel, the Swarovski crystal dial, it is water resistant and it perfectly is made according to the sparkling desires of women.

Casio Vintage Rose Gold-Tone digital watch

Casio Vintage Rose Gold-Tone digital watch, made with stainless steel and gives women a complete impressive, elegant and aesthetic look. It comes in a lovely rose gold-tone and is made with a resin case and stainless steel bracelet, which makes it a durable timepiece. Water resistant up to 50 meters, making it safe to wear during showering and bathing as tested according to ISO 22810. This timepiece is multifunctional including functions like alarm, auto calendar, 1/100 sec stopwatch and countdown timer. This watch has a digital display, especially in dark environment, it comes with Casio’s super illuminator LED backlight.

Casio G-shock baby-g databank digital watch:

Casio G-Shock Baby-G databank digital watch for women, the same marketing strategy is applied with this timepiece (unbreakable), Baby-G is as tough as G-Shock  with active women in mind. An excellent example of that is the Casio G-Shock Baby-G Data Bank Resin Watch with its fashionable and feminine design. It has a shiny appearance with champagne and rose gold in color. it is packed with features including, 25-page databank for storing contacts, five daily alarms; a full auto-calendar pre-programmed till 2099, a day counter that automatically counts to a target date, an hourly time signal, a 1/100th-second stopwatch, a countdown timer and world time including 29 time zones with 30 cities, city code display, and daylight saving, 12 or 24-hour format. It comes with an EL backlight with afterglow for illumination.

Casio Pro-Trek triple sensor:

Casio Pro-Trek Tough Solar Triple Sensor Resin Watch is made for outdoor enthusiast women, rather feminine but definitely tough. It is packed with features for outdoor adventures and is powered by Casio’s Tough Solar Technology. This watch is designed with a robust aesthetic is composed of a composite ABS plastic case and composite strap in light pink. Scratch-resistant mineral crystal makes up its dial window. Its features include altimeter date memory, barometer, digital compass, thermometer, sunrise and sunset display, low temperature resistance and water resistant up to 100 meters. A full-auto LED light is set up in its digital display for enhancing readability, especially in the dark-a twist of the wrist will automatically light up the digital display.

Casio LA11WB-1 digital watch:

Casio women’s LA11WB-1 Sports Digital watch made with stylish, classic black resin design. This watch is made to be minimal and has features including a stopwatch and a timer with daily alarm, hourly time signal and auto calendar. This watch is ideal for sports and also for everyday use. The face features a quartz-powered digital time display and a perpetual calendar. Casio specializes in solar-powered radio-controlled watches, so you’ll never need to replace the battery or worry about resetting the time.

White stainless steel analog watch:

White stainless steel analog watch, having a feminine appearance which completely is the choice of every women. Silver, sparkle and slender, a wonder from the best watch making brand Casio. The white dial is made in a way that it pops out tiny details. The black markings for numbering, provision for displaying the date, the pave-stones and fizzy bezel goes with both traditional and western wear.

These were some of the watch designed by Casio especially for women of active personality and vibrant taste. Women are also a part of today’s society and their interests are not much different from that of men. So, keeping in view the interests of women Casio presented many of its timepieces designed with the best quality material. Casio has never stopped making these kinds of watches keeping in view the needs of its customers.



A Casio Watch Will Save Your Life!

Anyone who has owned Casio watches knows that they offer superior quality and durability. They also look great and are one of the most stylish watches a person can have. The Casio Company has been offering high-quality watches for decades and when people choose Casio, they know they are getting a top-notch watch.

The Casio Company was established in 1946 by engineer Tadao Kashio. Originally, the company focused on hands-free cigarette pipes that allowed smokers to smoke a cigarette to the end. A few years later, Kashio began working on calculator development. It was in the 1980s that the company created its first wristwatch, and around the same time it began selling calculator watches. They were one of the first companies to create watches capable of displaying the time in different time zones, as well as altitude, GPS position and temperature. Today, Casio continues to manufacture high-quality, cutting-edge watches, as well as cameras and other electronic equipment.

The Casio G Shock is one of the most popular watches sold by the brand. The Baby G is a version of the classic Casio G-Shock watch. The G-Shock hit the market in 1983 and was listed as the toughest watch in the world. It featured a triple guard design for the case, module, and parts. G-Shock watches were designed to be worn during sports activities, by military personnel, and during outdoor adventure activities. They are developed using triple 10 tenacity technology. They can bear 10 kg of weight on top of them, can be dropped from a height of 10 meters and have a lifespan of ten years. Not to mention, it’s water resistant to 200 meters.

The Baby G model was released in 1991 and offered the same durability with added style. The watches are geared towards women and offer a slightly more feminine look. Some have an overall industrial look, while others are smooth, sleek, and elegant. Baby Gs are classified by style as well as color and come in pink, blue, black, white, yellow, green, and silver.

The Casio Protrek is the ultimate in outdoor adventure watch. It contains a high capacity solar power system that combines a super sensitive solar panel to generate power even in low fluorescent light. It also has a high-capacity rechargeable battery. The watch never needs a battery change. The Protreck Orientation Sensor allows you to locate yourself on an area map by drawing lines from two fixed distant landmarks. The watch also offers a barometric pressure display. This graphical display of is taken at regular intervals and reveals the pressure trend at a glance.

When the pressure is dropping, bad weather is coming. As the pressure increases, the weather is likely to improve. This allows you to make predictions about the upcoming weather conditions, which can be a lifesaver when you are out in the open. These Casio watches also display temperature and altitude, as well as a tide graph. Anglers love the Protek because it helps them predict the changing tides of the ocean, known to offer the most successful fishing opportunities.

Casio watches are reliable products that offer durability and style. A Casio watch does more than tell you what time it is. In extreme cases, the watch could save your life. Even if you are not a nature lover or someone looking for adventure, Casio watches have something to offer. Its industrial look is modern and elegant. If you are shopping for a new watch and want something that will last a long time, consider buying a Casio.

Thanks for reading my article. With many years of experience under my belt, I try to share as much information as possible with those around me. Casio watches are a great product and, in my opinion, they are very underrated (don’t tell their sales department!).

Unfortunately, you will find many sellers who will be happy to sell you a cheap “Casio watch”, but it will come with a catch – it will be fake! Unfortunately, you will only know when you arrive, at which point it will be too late.

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