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Casio MSG-400G-1A1 Review

The MSG-400G-1A1Men’s Sports Watch presents a series of sporting functions in a totally black modern design. The MSG-400G-1A1 features Casio’s shock-resistant G-Shock technology, which includes an embedded tempered mineral glass, a resin and layered stainless steel case, recessed buttons, motion springs to cushion movement against any hit and a sturdy box. The well-constructed watch case is water resistant to a static depth of 200 meters (or 20 bar of water pressure) that is suitable for the vast majority of water sports, with the exception of deep-sea diving.

Rich Feature’s

As a Casio watch, it is naturally rich in features. In addition to the G-Shock standard, this watch also has an electroluminescent black liquid crystal display. You can press a button to turn on the backlight or, in addition, the light can be set to turn on automatically when the user raises his wrist to see the time.

The MSG-400G-1A1 also has a stopwatch function (1/100 – 24hr), a countdown function with up to 8 preset settings (up to 60 minutes with repeat function) for a variety of sports plus an account timer Standard regressive (up to 24 hours). The MSG-400G-1A1 for men also has 5 alarms with individual daily settings and a wake-up function. Each of these sound notifications is accompanied by a flashing LED as additional visual notification.

Watch’s Battery

The MSG-400G-1A1 also has world time, 12 or 24 hour clocking and a fully automatic calendar. Casio also notes that the watch’s battery will last about 5 years from installation.

The dimensions are approximately 50.4 mm wide by 43.8 mm high by 15.1 mm deep. The MSG-400G-1A1 for men weighs around 66 g.

In short, the MSG-400G-1A1 gentlemen are perfect for sports. It is very well made and is very resistant to shock. There are numerous functions available to facilitate the timing of many activities and less distract, and the watch looks masculine but simple with its black resin strap, black case and rare black LCD screen. All Casio watches have a 2-year Casio warranty and are supplied in an attractive G-Shock display case.

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