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Casio G Shock | AW-80-4BV | Casio Centre

For a diver, time is everything. The precious seconds and milliseconds are the yardstick for measuring performance and survival in this demanding sport. That is why it is necessary to use a watch that not only works in the depths, but also is precise. The new Seliko diving watch kinetic for men 200 meters from Casio model number AW-80-4BV, is all this and much more, and it is definitely worth checking out and reading about whether you are looking for a reliable and elegant dive watch from one of the best of the world. The main watchmakers. Yellow sphere, highly prized for the kinetic movement of Casio, water resistance capacities up to 660 feet. Brushed stainless steel crown and case cover, hard glass, silver numbers and markers. This watch has it all and much more for your diving needs.

Casio AW-80-4BV

When you look at the watch, you will notice more its distinctive yellow dial, which works with the black bezel. This combination of colors not only works, but also ensures that the Casio AW-80-4BV is visually highlighted by its uniqueness and sharpness. Like other Casio watches, the company has given importance to hour markers and hands when designing this watch. The hour markers and hands of this watch feature Lumibrite technology, which allows you to see these dial details even in the dark.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the 200 meter Seetic Kinetic dive watch for men is that it does not need a battery. Casio’s patented kinetic technology allows the movement of the user’s wrist to perpetually charge the watch and keep it functional. No battery, no problems. Kinetic technology is used in many Casio watch models. This feature is especially useful for the Casio AW-80-4BV model.


water resistance of 200 meters

Of course, for diving watches, water resistance plays a key role in determining the value of a diving watch. The Casio AW-80-4BV watches from Casio have a water resistance of 200 meters, keeping the watch at a height of up to 660 feet below the surface. In those depths you need to have confidence in your watch, and this watch does not disappoint. When this Casio watch is around your wrist, all you have to focus on is your immersion and that is how it should always be.

Casio watches on Casio centre

Casio’s focus is always excellence, whether it’s with dress watches, sports watches and everything in between. Do not disappoint with the 200 meter Casio Menetic Kinetic dive watch. For a watch this holiday season that is fashionable and for the diver, choose the AW-80-4BV. You can find the Casio AW-80-4BV and other Casio watches on Casio centre.






Casio Latest Generation Watches

Accelerating forward from its rich heritage, the Casio watches from Casio Watch are the latest generation of Casio watches. Announced after Casio’s G-Shock line, the Casio promises to deliver more. As the name implies, the Casio are radio clocks designed to receive time signals to calibrate the correct time of different time services around the world. These highly accurate time services are based on atomic clocks and are usually operated by local governments. The time signal issued from these services is received by the Best Casio watches shop to correct their time.

Timekeeping Technology

All models of Casio watches are equipped with atomic timekeeping technology. That means that Casio Captor watches do not require setting or adjusting the time (including daylight saving time), the date or even the year. The clocks are designed to synchronize with the time services at regular intervals. Atomic time maintenance technology is designed to calibrate time signals automatically up to six times a day. When any automatic time synchronization is successful, the remaining automatic synchronization operations are not performed for that particular day. The procedure of synchronizing the time is usually better in night hours compared to daytime hours. Casio watches are designed to be precise at all times and offer excellent long-term and short-term accuracy.

solar energy technology

Some of the Casio watches also have solar energy technology. That means you do not have to change the battery of your watch, the battery is automatically charged with light. Although you must expose your watch to sunlight or any other light source inside your home or office to charge the solar cell inside the watch. Once it is fully charged, the timing within the Casio clocks remains enabled for approximately four months. However, solar energy technology is not available on all Casio models.

Casio Watches Feature

By contrast, typical light conditions, such as light in the office or home, are not enough to get a full charge for the batteries in these Casio watches. Only the source of natural light in the open air can lead to full charge. Once the battery inside these watches gets a full charge, the usual interior light conditions are good enough to keep these watches continuously charged.

Like other sundials, Casio watches also have the negative point of losing battery charge when stored in dark areas. The battery of the watch runs out, if the watch is stored in an area where there is no light. Casio watches are no exception here. However, Captor Casio watches enter the “sleep mode” of energy saving to save battery power, if kept in the dark, thus conserving energy.

Casio Watches Functions

Casio G-Shock watches also feature excellent chronograph functions. The stopwatch functionality allows you to measure time intervals at a level of 1/20 of a second. The stopwatch also has an impressive display range of 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59.95 seconds.

It’s really a great purchase for people looking for a sporty, adventurous and fashionable style statement.



The Scientific Graphing Calculator | Casio Centre

Focusing on Casio’s graphing calculator: For more than sixty years, Casio has been in the business of manufacturing quality electronic products and other products, and introduced his first low-cost electronic calculator in the early 1970s. Rivaling Texas Instruments, remain one of the leading calculator manufacturers today, and produce instant graphic solutions for all kinds of advanced functions. Most of their current graphing calculators offer large screens, probability functions, bar charts and pie charts, which makes them the best choice for anyone who needs a scientific chart calculator.

Especially suitable for students

Casio’s first graphing calculator hit the market in 1985, and since then the company has been a great choice for mathematics students. Many high school students can benefit from the use of graphing calculators in their classes. Casio offers a wide range of options, which allows almost anyone to buy one of these useful electronic components. The College Board of the United States also allows the use of graphing calculators for parts of the SAT and AP exams. Just make sure that the model you choose does not have a QWERTY keyboard to comply with the regulations.

You will also find that Casio’s graphing calculators include a large collection of applications for self-learning and student work. Its processing speed allows fast calculations and high performance. These calculators can handle several lines of calculations and text at the same time, and many are programmable, which allows customized calculations. You can also find Casio graphic calculator models that offer 3D graphics and color screens. These calculators have also been used to create small games, and there is a fairly large software library created by the user for the Casio calculators.

Self study applications

The self-study applications available for Casio’s graphing calculators include eActivity, 3D graphics and geometry applications, which can be used to create lessons based on discovery. You can also find Casio’s graphing calculators that offer advanced features, which include tables of values ​​for particular functions, pie charts, stacked bar graphs, and overwriting charts.

Other Casio products

Of course, Casio also does more than graph calculators. You can also buy other varieties of Casio calculators, as well as watches, label printers and disks, watches, cameras, projectors, musical instruments, cell phones, cash registers and industrial machinery. Casio is a great name in electronics and has a product for almost all needs. Its range of digital cameras comes in a variety of colors, and offers slim and elegant designs and affordable prices. Their cell phones have gone through military grade tests to ensure lasting performance.

If you are thinking of buying a Casio graphic calculator, be sure to spend some time looking. Check local and online stores to determine which Casio calculator is right for you and to get the best price. Casio makes mathematics easier and more understandable. Your graphic, scientific, desktop, school and fraction calculator lines are an excellent addition to any home or classroom.

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Highly Functional Casio Baby-G Shock Watches For Women

Casio Baby-G Shock Watches

Casio Baby-G Shock Watches is the counterpart of Casio to its famous line of G-Shock watches. Designed for ladies, the Baby-G was created in 1994 and demonstrates a combination of fashion and high functionality. The most attractive looking Casio Edifice Shock watches are hard and colorful at the same time; They have the same characteristics as G-Shock watches, which makes them an ideal choice for active watches for women.


Casio Baby-G watches are shockproof and water resistant. They are highly functional clocks that are equipped with multiple alarms, stopwatch function, 24-hour countdown timer, electroluminescent backlight and display time in 48 different time zones. True to the G-Shock concept, the Casio Edifice is a durable and resistant ladies’ watch. They are resistant to shock and water to a depth of 100 meters; They have multiple alarms, timer and countdown timer along with a long battery.

Combination Of Fashion

A combination of fashion and strength is the hallmark of Casio Edifice. The Baby-G collection for runners presents dynamic sports watches aimed at active and health conscious women. The Baby-G Runners collection is perfectly adapted for runners and sprinters alike. A memory of 60 laps and the chronometer of 1/100 seconds, 100 hours are characteristics that the runners would find extremely useful. Add to that the strength and endurance of the G-Shock brand and you’ll have a durable but modern watch. And, of course, this collection of Casio Baby-G watches comes in three color combinations, namely blue with a black face, gray with a yellow face and white with a white face, all updated with the latest fashion trends feminine

The Casio Edifice atomic collection adds a flash of vibrant colors to your fashion accessories. You can choose between the subtle black face, the black Casio Baby-G band with magenta hands and bezel elements, or go for the more colorful bluish green or coral models with black face and bevel highlights. Either way, you get the Casio watch from a highly functional building with a more attractive appearance, faithful to the G-Shock concept that guarantees strength, durability and resistance along with a taste for fun.

New Casio Baby-G Shock Watches for Women

2014 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Casio Edifice Chronograph Chronograph watches, with great functionality and appearance. To celebrate the occasion, Casio has launched a new and elegant model with colorful variations. The BGD-500 Baby-G watch collection is inspired by the original DW-250 Baby-G models from 1994. The “Tough & Cute” watches from the latest Baby-G collection come in three different colors. The ladies can choose between sunny yellow, a cool turquoise blue and an elegant black model. In addition to the usual features, the new Casio Baby-G shock watches have a metal face shield to prevent damage.

Get today Casio Baby-G Shock watches with a more attractive look.

We are here to offer the best prices without any commitment to customer service. Our friendly customer service ensures that you always respond to any of your questions, before or after your purchase.

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G Shock Watches – Fashionable & Durable

The Casio G shock watches that are now available in Casio offer a modern, elegant and functional solution for everyone who uses them. These watches come in a wide range of styles and colors, so there will surely be one to please anyone who buys them. Casio knows the trends and knows what people want. They are always developing new lines under the label of Baby G. Now you can find bezels with embezzlement of diamonds, Baby G watches resistant to shock and resistant to shock. But, Casio’s designs did not stop with these three exciting characteristics. The Baby G shock watches incorporate many more interesting features that are taking the doll’s fashion by surprise.

G Shock Watches Incorporate Watches

Whether you’re looking for a band with a metallic finish or a leather band, Casio offers it with its line of Baby G shock watches. Highly polished mirror finishes and sturdy leather are two of the highly detailed design features you can find with these watches. When it comes to the face of these watches, you can choose between digital or normal watch display and some of the watches even offer backlighting and LCD display. These watches definitely incorporate all the trends and technology that can be found in the market and that are more oriented towards the watch industry. Casio has not left anything out; It seems they have thought of everything.

G shock watches are perfect for men

The G shock watches are perfect for men everywhere and no matter how old they are. From parachuting, surfing, parties and more, these watches are highly versatile. They will “fit” in any environment in which you place them. Practice scuba diving or snowboarding and do not worry about the Baby G crash clock on your wrist. Now, Casio has presented a new and great feature that even makes these watches resistant to ice. Hopefully, nobody needs that function, but in any case it’s good to know that you have it every time you need it. Casio has subjected the Baby G shock watches to a variety of different tests to ensure that these watches can withstand any situation. They have brought hammers, hydraulic piston presses, and much more.

Casio G-Shock GA-700BR-1Ashock resistant

The Baby G shock watches were developed from the idea of ​​using a hollow structure. Basically, the module simply floats around the structure. This makes the watches extremely hard and difficult to damage or destroy. The design also implies a technology that is exclusive to the G shock brand. This unique technology helps protect the fragile parts of the module and makes the watch extremely resistant to almost any situation. They also incorporate a prominent bezel configuration that prevents the glass from coming into contact with any surface in case the watch falls off. The angel in which the clock falls does not matter either. It is protected, no matter how it hits the ground. The metal bands are built on scratch-resistant parts, and due to the flexible movement that is offered, the band of the watches is even resistant to shock.

Work Hard Or Play Hard with G-Shock

The Baby G shock watch line has been developed for consumers who like to work hard and play hard. They are made to last regardless of the situation in which they find themselves. Casio has really thought of everything when it comes to his line of Baby G shock watches. This is probably one of the reasons why this line has really become center stage. You can find many celebrities who “get in the car” with this fashionable fashion that marks the wear of the doll. The celebrities of Kristin DeBarge, the music group Nina Sky and Erica Hosseini are just some of the members of A-List who now wear these cute and functional watches.

Baby G shock

Casio did well when they developed this line. The Baby G watches are really an incredible advantage that everyone should add to their doll fashion collection. Surely not only for the extreme sporting activity you can do, but for the fabulous, modern, functional and supportive watch you have on your wrist. You should definitely keep your eye on the line of Baby G shock watches. You never know what might develop next.

To keep in touch with Casio’s latest range of Baby G Shock watches by visiting. You will be impressed by the selection.



Casio Watches For Men – Casio Men’s

You can listen to the outdoors calling you. Adventure, excitement and discovery await you while you travel for camping, hiking, fishing and countless other past times. You know what shoes you should wear, what clothes you need, including food and supplies. Just like anything else required, you also need a watch that will be your partner in your travels. A resistant and elegant watch, with all the features you need. The maximum number of atomic solar atomic clock models of several bands of the Casio EQS-920BL-2AV band of Casio watches men could be one of your most suitable options here.

The model Casio EQS-920BL-2AV will immediately call your attention with its superior design and craftsmanship. Truly the best that Casio watches have to offer, you will see the digital compass feature, which of course is critical to any outdoor adventure. With the intention of minimizing the different instruments you may need to carry, Casio also includes features such as the tide chart, the altimeter and the barometer functions in this watch. With the Casio EQS-920BL-2AV there are so many options, all in sight and on your wrist ready to be used.

Casio’s pioneer is solar power

In addition to being a tough and durable watch that can withstand all that nature can have in the store, perhaps the best feature of this EQS-920BL-2AV watch for Casio’s pioneer is solar power. That means you never have to worry about batteries. Even the little sunlight from time to time would keep the battery of his watch charged and keep the clock running. Having this Casio watch charged with light, it would have 150 days of charge without any additional exposure of the light, that is really reliable.

The Casio EQS-920BL-2AV has almost all functions except a GPS. The watch has large numbers, easy to read and clearly visible with very bright backlight. The clock also has an automatic backlight function, which you can easily enable and disable from the options menu. Casio has a history of making watches of reliability, function and robustness. When listening to the outdoors call, be sure to venture with the Casio EQS-920BL-2AV watch.

Radio atomic timing

The clock shows moon and tide graphs, has a very good compass, altimeter, thermometer, barometer, world time, stopwatch, countdown timer, five alarms, timbre per hour and many more functions incorporated in the clock. Normally, Casio watches have good water resistance, and this watch is also water resistant up to 200 meters. This watch simply has everything you would ever want to have on your wristwatch. Radio atomic timing is an additional advantage, which keeps the time in this clock with precision to the division of seconds

Initially, you must calibrate the clock with the actual conditions observed, once it is calibrated, it will show very accurate measurements. Casio watches are generally very durable, so normally you should not experience any problems with any of the functions. However, the barometer only measures in increments of 0.05 inches, which is generally good enough but sometimes deceptive. The altimeter, on the other hand, measures in increments of 5 meters ranging from -700 meters to 10,000 meters, and can store altitude, date, time and month data. Not only this, it can also provide differential graphics, and can set a crucial alarm when it reaches a specific altitude position.

Fashion Conscious Types

However, if you are one of those fashion-conscious types, then you should try this Casio watch on your wrist before buying it. The watch is a little bigger and it may not fit you if you have a very small doll. Another negative aspect of this watch is its band of plastic resin. As it is made of plastic, you may feel a bit uncomfortable after using the watch for a while.

In general, the Casio EQS-920BL-2AV is so far the best watch in this series of Casio watches. Casio Men series is known for bringing the best outdoor clocks and this watch will not disappoint you. So before leaving next time, think about buying this watch.

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Enjoy This Summer With The Sleek Casio Watches For Women

Among the most popular watch collections of the brand is G-Shock. Casio G-Shock watches are known for their shock-resistant property. They are also great in their design, which attracts the attention of watch lovers and enthusiasts alike.
Sporty, colorful and youthful, the Casio G-Shock G-Steel watch features an alarm clock, dual time, shock-resistant, with solar energy, chronometer and world time.

Effective and Precise

All these are powerful, which makes this model effective and precise. It is a huge 52.4 mm dial that looks transparent and also with a bright design.
The round black bezel diffuses an invigorating aroma that keeps you motivated before any action.

Casio SheenThis elegant watch with its leather strap has been applied in black that embraces a user’s wrist and gives maximum pleasure with a long duration. Its steel and resin case keeps it strong. The water resistance label of 200 meters protects it from water under any circumstances.

Casio Sheen

The Casio Sheen watch resembles the glamor of women. They are very well decorated, which makes them similar to those of a jewel. Dressing beautiful women with sophistication, these watches are spectacular.

A good watch to buy, the Casio Sheen SHE-3043BSG-9AUDR is suitable for the glorious ladies. The bezel studded with stone elevates a lady’s mood and also keeps her young. The MOP dial matches the temperament of this piece.

This quartz watch has a battery that keeps it running all the time. A sizzling pressure knob on the right side of the box is used for a user to change the time when necessary. The Roman numerals that mark the time positions give this piece a traditional touch.

The steel and rose gold bracelet looks amazing when it is embraced by a lady. With 24-hour indicator, date and retrograde in the sphere, this model is very effective according to its price.

The mineral crystal covers the sphere and also protects the model from scratches. Powered by the quartz movement, this piece contains a battery that is replaceable. The 50 meter water resistance label keeps the piece safe in and out of the water. This steel watch is strong and durable.

Casio Watches WomenGold is a precious metal and also a sophisticated color that is used to make the Casio Edifice she-4051sgp-7audf watch. Expressing the efficiency of professional men, this watch has an ornate yellow gold bezel and a silver dial. A date and day window in the 3 o’clock position shows the current date and the day of a month.

Along with other features, this piece also has chronograph and tachymeter. There are three push buttons on the right side of the box that a user can rotate to change the time when necessary.

The band of this model with steel and yellow gold treatment has been designed with an exceptional ability. The 100 meter water resistance mark helps this model to save it from any kind of water problems. Revealing contemporary fashion, this mens watch is in itself an inspiration.

A subtle watch that gives pleasure to a user, the Casio Enticer watch MTP-1355D-1AVDF is a fashion piece. Dialing the 12 o’clock is the Arabic numerals. On the black dial, there are day-date and chronograph windows. A push button on the right side of the steel box gives strength to the model.

Designed with sophistication, the stainless steel band looks attractive and also sizzles when used by a user. Quartz is the movement that is used in this model keeping this piece charged all the time.

The mineral crystal protects the dial and also keeps the piece from scratches. The 50 meter water resistance label keeps the piece safe in and out of the water.

Casio watches are elegant and also versatile in nature. They are loved by lovers of watches around the world for their reasonable price.

The author of this content is a watch enthusiast who admires Casio’s captivating watches and also writes about them for the benefit of all.

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Casio Watches for Women

Digital and Analog Versions for Women

Are you looking for a great addition to your wardrobe that does not break the bank? Why not buy a new Casio watch and add some features to your day-to-day attire? Known for a long time as the leader in smart, affordable and fun for men and women Edifice Watches of all ages, Tokyo, Japan. Not only is he a watch maker, Casio is also known for electronic products such as PDAs, cameras, musical instruments, audio devices, calculators and more. The brand, which was founded in 1946, has come a long way since its inception, and now offers a wide range of watches for fun and stylish people who do not want to leave several paychecks on a watch. Casio reached its peak of popularity in the 1980s, which is when it became known as a supplier of wristwatches. Thanks to the great selection of the brand, Casio was an instant success in the watch market. Casio was one of the first manufacturers of quartz crystal watches, in both digital and analog versions, and in the 1980s, the brand also launched calculator watches. At that time, Casio was one of the only brands capable of launching a product that could display time in many different time zones, as well as the only brand that offered watches with temperature, atmospheric pressure, altitude and GPS position. In short, Casio ruled the market thanks to innovations that no one else had yet found.

Casio Watches WomenWatches For Women Of All Ages

In the nineties, Casio introduced a new line of colorful, fun and affordable watches for teenagers, called G-Shock watches. Almost instantaneously, G-Shock watches became the sign of a popular boy in the know. Teachers started walking through the hallways of the school just to see a sea of ​​brightly colored G-Shock watches, or as the teen broadcast line that soon followed was called “Baby G’s”. In the years that followed after the release of the G-Shock watches, the brand continued to gain popularity and the G-Shocks adorned the wrists of teenagers around the world. The funny thing about the G-Shock line? While it’s fun and affordable, the G-Shocks were not necessarily aimed at the teen market. The name actually comes from the resistance of the watch line to shocks: they were designed primarily for sports and military use, as they were made to withstand heavy blows and strong vibrations. Outdoor adventurers were the initial audience for the G-Shock line, but the teens quickly realized the design qualities of the watches and became the ones that helped the brand come off the shelves.

G-Shock Cockpit Series

Since its introduction, the G-Shock line has grown considerably. Now includes atomic clock synchronization, as well as “Tough Shock” functionality in the latest models, and the G-Shock Cockpit Series has been chosen as the official Nismo racing timekeeper. Never G-Shock watch models feature metal bands and ornate analog timed; In the decade of the nineties, G-Shock watches for brightly colored teenagers were made with rubber in fun and intense colors such as lime green and hot roses. Modern G-Shock watches are popular with police officers, firefighters, soldiers and paramedics, people who appreciate the initial, firm and reliable qualities of the G-Shock.

Casio Watches WomenAffordable Casio Watches

The good thing about the Casio brand? While G-Shocks are by far the most popular line of the brand, Casio offers a wide variety of watches suitable for a variety of watch users. For example, a sturdy and powerful man might not love a G-Shock, but he’s sure to like the digital watch with Casio’s men’s quartz digital rubber strap Pathfinder Ana-Digi Multiband-6. Elegant and elegant, this elegant multi-functional watch features a round black rubber case with function buttons, as well as button cards to prevent accidental operation. The round dial of this watch is protected by a mineral crystal, which guarantees that this precious watch stands the test of time. Meanwhile, the white index markers are displayed in all one hour positions, and a world time function borders the external dial, keeping it in tune with the world around it. A quartz movement with solar energy drives the white hour and minute hand, as well as a bright orange second hand. This watch, which is large, elegant and durable enough for those who walk outside, is a must when it comes to Casio watches that are fun and affordable.

Popular Models For Women

Do not think the ladies have been left behind, Casio also offers a wide variety of watches for women. One of the most popular models for women is actually the simplest: Casio’s Rubber Series digital quartz alarm watch with rubber strap is extremely affordable and also does the job. A rectangular black rubber case uses a stainless steel back and features an altimeter, thermometer and barometric configurations to help you stay comfortable. An LED-illuminated dial helps you stay on schedule at night, while an alarm clock and a countdown timer ensure that time is always essential.


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